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My 2019 New Year Resolutions

New year resolutions have such a bad reputation, and so many people in my life either don't make them, or talk badly about those who do. I feel as if I am in the minority for actually making them (even if we all ditch them by February).

As I have an insane amount of writer's block at the moment, I thought it would be fun to join the trend and talk about my resolutions! And this means yinz can hold me to them, since they will be permanently on the internet forever!


Put myself first

This is something that I noticed I don't do at the beginning of this school year. I even wrote about it for a magazine! I am known to spread myself so thin in order to help out anyone and everyone. I physically cannot say no, even when I so desperately want to. I will do anything to make sure someone is happy, which may not always be the best thing for me. But it doesn't matter. As long as I can make someone feel better.

I realized that this is NOT how I want to continue my life. It got to a point where I was drowning in work to try and please everyone. When I need to take a break, I should be able to take a break, right?!

Have I gotten better at this since I realized it? Not really. I still do it, and it still makes me mad at myself that it happens so frequently. But I'm hoping by the end of 2019, I will be able to hold my ground.

I don't want to say no to every request, because I want to be a good person and a good friend. But being able to say no definitely shouldn't be as hard as I make it seem!

Focus on the road to my career

It is so easy for me to get sidetracked in day to day life, so getting sidetracked with my visions for my future self is even easier! I've mentioned before (or at least somewhere on this website) that I'm not emphasizing in a specific aspect of journalism (broadcast, print, etc.) because I want to have the ability to perform all of those well. Meanwhile, my dream is to work for a magazine in New York.

With magazines needing tons of people with different skills (writing, editing, social media, and some even have creative directors for video content now!), I want to give myself a decent shot. But sometimes I let myself wander a bit and get insanely off track. This is my biggest dream at the moment, and part of me thinks that if I don't accomplish this, I won't be happy.

That being said, I want to give 110% into school (I already do), and also really force myself into the industry. After all, one of the most important things about journalism is connections!


I've been dabbling in meditation for the past few months, but I suck at being consistent with it. I plan on writing a blog post in the near future about meditation once I actually fit it into my daily schedule, so I won't dwell too much on this.

Even though I suck at sitting down and shutting up, I have been making it a habit to utilize my Apple Watch's breathe app. I have reminders set to let me know I should sit down and take a minute to relax. I don't know if these are completely random, or if my watch just somehow REALLY knows me, but it always seems to go off at the times I need it to the most.

Learn to talk softer

Naturally, I am just very loud. My mom likes to tell me, "I'm right here, Madison. You don't have to yell." Even my whisper is louder than most others!

This year, I won't let my friends go deaf when they're around me.

Be more engaged

We all do it. And by it, I mean we're in the middle of a conversation and we check our watch. We check our phone. We look around the room. And I know how much I hate it when people do it to me!

Matt and I have this unspoken rule that when we're out to eat, we don't have our phones on the table. Sometimes this rule gets broken, because we have no self-control, but for the most part we really do try!

That being said, being engaged in class is a whole other story. Especially my afternoon classes! But I'm going to really try!

Don't buy things just to buy them

I do not need to buy another blanket. I already have so many. And blankets are like $40. That's crazy!

Matt really hates me for this! When I'm bored, I often suggest a Target run. Not because I need anything... but because I have the strangest impulse to buy a zodiac sign mug!

Target is a trap. A very lovely, inviting trap.

If I'm craving Netflix, I'm going to watch Netflix!

I'm a college student, and sometimes I need a break! At times I can really be hard on myself and not give any time to relax. So when I want to binge watch You for the third time, I'll do it!


I realized that as I went down the list, my resolutions got sillier and sillier, but who cares?! It's 2019 ladies and gents, and I'm sick of always putting "drink more water" on my list (because let's be real; it's never going to happen)!

I'd love to hear your new year resolutions in the comments, or you can always message me directly! I love making new friends!

Talk to yinz next week!

xoxo, Madison

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