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Meet Belle!

Hey hey hey!

It has been a LONG time since I've posted on my blog! I feel terrible — like I've neglected an old friend. It has been a busy time since my last post over the summer. Matt has officially moved in and graduated from school, I've taken on new tasks and adventures at work, and most recently, I got a dog!

If you know me, you know I have been pestering Matt to get a dog for a few years now, but we've always held off. We're both crazy dog people, but the timing was never right. We were in college and constantly moving around; we would not have been able to give a dog the attention it deserved.

I scheduled an appointment to visit the local animal shelter a few days before Thanksgiving, and although Matt and I didn't adopt that day, we submitted an application and were approved within a few weeks.

We ended up visiting the shelter again after the holidays, where we promptly fell in love with another fun-loving pup. He was precious, but very full of energy and loved to run. He wouldn't have been happy in an apartment without a fenced-in yard, so we waited some more.

I checked in with the shelter's website daily, and we actually planned on waiting a little while longer for the shelter to get more dogs up for adoption, when I came home for lunch on a Friday and on a whim checked the shelter's site again.

And there she was.

I was in love.

Instantly, we signed up for another appointment to visit the shelter (because COVID), and we met Belle (who the shelter named Burnette) the next morning.

Matt and I were able to take a walk with her, and lead her into a fenced area the shelter had so we could play with her off of the leash. She loved to run back and forth and go after a ball, but the second you started petting her, she would instantly calm down and push into your legs.

We were able to take her home about an hour later.

So far, she's done great at home. Matt and I have been crate training her, and her personality is really starting to come through. She's a little timid and skittish sometimes (like when a car drives by while we're on a walk), but I'm sure she'll get better. She loves to lay with you on the couch and loves when you talk to her. A few nights ago, I was baking banana bread and reading her the recipe — she held on to every word.

To end this post, I come bearing a promise and some photos: I promise that I will regularly update this website once more! I just hit a weird patch in my life, but now I'm back, and ready to roll, Belle and Matt by my side.

And what you really sat through those last few sentences for... the pictures.

xoxo, Madison and Belle

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