Hi!  I'm Madison!

I am a senior at West Virginia University with a glass that is always half full!  I love to be loud and energetic and am creating this blog to connect with the world around me!

I am a journalism student, and as a journalist in an ever-growing media world, having a website is a major tool and advantage.  So not only will this be my personal bubble, but it will also serve as a resume for future employers to check out what I have created and what skills I have!

Despite going to school in Morgantown, I am a Pittsburgh native whose love for a Primanti Bros. sandwich knows no limits.  I'm a city girl, and would love a penthouse apartment in Manhattan one day.

In school, I try to take classes in every aspect of journalism and media (print, broadcast, digital, web design, producing video content, etc.) because I'm not too sure what I want to do when I graduate!  I think all of it is amazing and I want to have as many skills as possible, rather than focusing on just one rather intensively.  Currently, I would LOVE to work in the magazine industry (somewhere along the lines of fashion and culture), creating online or digital content, but broadcasting news and writing/reporting come at a close second!

Please feel free to follow me on my social media, too (they're all listed below)!  I'd love to connect with anyone who takes the time to read this!

For now, though, I'll be focusing on the travel, lifestyle, and fashion of a college student (we all know the struggle) on this blog and on my YouTube channel, which you can find below!  Also, be sure to keep yourself updated by looking at my latest clips and reviewing my resume in the professional tab!  I am so excited to start this journey with yinz!

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