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Pittsburgh, PA

Rare Cancer Advocacy Programs Help Patients Discover Resources and Make Connections
Another Perspective, September 2021

Patient-Advocacy-Provider Partnerships and Networks Support Rare Cancer Research
Nurse Research, September 2021

PhD and DNP Students Collaborate to Implement Practice-Driven Research
Another Perspective, October 2021

Evidence-Based Practice Gives Oncology Nurses Knowledge and Standards for Clinical Care
Nurse Research, October 2021

Genetic Counselors Help Patients and Providers Understand Biomarker Testing Goals
Another Perspective, November 2021

Defining Individual Biosignatures Through Precision Health Symptom Science Helps Nurses Deliver Even Better Care
Nurse Research, November 2021

Not Eligible for Trials? Expanded Access May Give Patients Options for Investigational Products
Another Perspective, December 2021

Traits That Make You a Great Nurse Also Lead to Success as a Clinical Trials PI

Nurse Research, December 2021

Mental Health Teams Build Programs That Prioritize Staff Well-Being
Another Perspective, January 2022

Bolster Your Team for Better Well-Being
Nurse Well-Being Column, January 2022

Team Training Develops Nurses’ Interprofessional Communication Skills
Nurse Research, January 2022

The Pharmacist’s Role in Combination Cancer Treatments
Another Perspective, February 2022

Evidence Defines Nursing Implications for Combination Cancer Treatment Side Effects
Nurse Research, February 2022

Diversity in Nursing Begins at the Student Level
Another Perspective, March 2022

Nursing Diversity Is Critical to Address Health Disparities
Nurse Research, March 2022

Home Care and Oncology Nurses Partner to Expand Ambulatory Options for Patients With Cancer
Another Perspective, April 2022

Empower Your Nurses With Appreciation in Celebration of Oncology Nursing Month

Nurse Well-Being Column, April 2022

Oncology Clinical Social Workers Add Layers of Support for Patients and Families During CAR T-Cell Therapy
Another Perspective, May 2022

Studies Show Best Practices to Manage CAR T-Cell Therapies’ irAEs and Improve Outcomes
Nurse Research, May 2022


Special Populations: How Oncology Nurses Are Overcoming Barriers to Cancer Care

Feature, June 2022

Self-Affirmations Build Your Personal and Moral Resiliency
Nurse Well-Being Column, June 2022


Symptom Assessment: Use a Team-Based Approach to Inform Care and Optimize Outcomes

Feature, July 2022

The Clinical Pharmacist’s Role in Symptom Assessments
Another Perspective, July 2022

Nurses Use Innovation to Perform Symptom and Pain Assessments
Nurse Research, July 2022

Use This Checklist to Take a Stress-Free Vacation
Nurse Well-Being Column, July 2022


Legislation and Cancer Care: New Policies Improve Nursing Practice and Patient Outcomes

Feature, August 2022

When Healthcare Professionals Join Organizations to Advocate, Patients’ Voices Are Heard
Another Perspective, August 2022

Nurses Are Pivotal to Advancing Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative
Nurse Research, August 2022

Vision Boards Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
Nurse Well-Being Column, August 2022


Nurse-Led Survivorship Programs: Expert Advice to Help You Build Your Institution’s Resources

Feature, September 2022

Tea Soothes Your Soul and Supports Your Well-Being

Nurse Well-Being Column, September 2022

Sexual Considerations for Patients With Cancer: Evidence-Based Approaches to Confront Challenges and Offer Support

Feature, October 2022


Pittsburgh, PA

Best of the Burgh Readers' Poll:  Bob Pompeani's Five Best Things about Pittsburgh

July 2019

*alternatively, you can view the digital reader version here on page 56*


11 Real Pittsburgh Weddings:  Love is Kind

Fall Weddings 2019


11 Real Pittsburgh Weddings:  The Greatest Adventure

Fall Weddings 2019


Why More Couples Want to Design their Own Wedding Rings

Fall Weddings 2019


A Millennial's Guide to Updating Your Wedding Registry

Fall Weddings 2019

Morgantown, WV

Concerns with Sodexo prompt student protest

City looks to strictly enforce two-hour parking limit in downtown lots

Gee speaks on Greek life and new advancements during State of the University address

SGA, city council looking into ride-sharing scooter programs

Gameday crime down from 2017

Brazaitis not returning for Spring Semester
Mountaineer now limited to one term after rule change

SGA active campaigning period shortened one day

Climate change, public health research discussed at Academic Media Day


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