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You NEED this sweater for the cold winter months


I am not joking when I say that this is THE BEST sweater you can have this season.

This is the Aerie Oversized Chenille Turtleneck, and it's available in nine colors, including white, navy, maroon, and a light pink. Aerie's website says it's best worn with leggings, and I 100% wholeheartedly agree! This sweater is the perfect combination of cute and cuddly.

I normally don't go for sweaters with turtlenecks, but this looser fit around the neck is perfect! It gives me the look and aesthetic of a turtleneck, without the constricting feel. It's also the perfect material: super soft and warm and itch-free.

The reviews for this sweater are mostly positive, with over 200 five star reviews. Based on those reviews, the sweater runs large, so you can probably order a size down. Like I've said before, I like my sweaters oversized, so I normally wear a medium instead of my typical size of a small. This time, however, I went with a small anyway.

IT IS THE PERFECT FIT. It's big enough to have the oversized look and feel, but doesn't look too out of place and billowing.

I also love that it's not synched tightly on the bottom. It personally is a pet peeve of mine when my sweaters are synched, and the bottom of the sweater rises up your waist, leaving a small portion of the main fabric hanging past where the sweater actually ends. This sweater just hangs loose!

I've been pairing this top with leggings and boots, but a pair of cute jeans dresses it up for more formal affairs.

As for color, you can plainly see that I opted for smoked gray, which is against my previous sweater choices. I almost always get sweaters in lighter colors, so I decided against the white and pink. Gray can be a hard color to go with sometimes, because there are so many shades. I rarely see this darker shade and it's a refreshing sight!

When it comes to throwing it in the wash, you should be fine. The sweater is 100% polyester. Just be sure to wash it inside out, because polyester can snag. But be careful when it's time to dry! Polyester will definitely shrink in the dryer. To be safe, I let it air dry. Something also to note is that it still feels and looks exactly the same after washing, while some other sweaters might feel or look different than when you first bought it, so score for that!

I bought this sweater online on Cyber Monday for 50% off, but currently, it's still on sale for 30% off!

Also wearing a classic makeup choice: Naked 2 by Urban Decay.

I hope yinz love it as much as I do! I honestly might buy the others colors now!

xoxo, Madison

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