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You NEED these 5 Glossier products in your life

When I went to New York City last April, the group of girls I was with squeezed in a trip to a makeup company's store that I had never heard of. Glossier is a company that was created by magazine and beauty editors who had seen the best of the best (and worst of the worst) and took that knowledge to create their own brand and products.

Glossier makes products that range in uses, from makeup to skincare, which as we know, I'm very wary about, because my skin is extremely sensitive to certain cleansers and gels. However, none of Glossier's products have gotten me in trouble, and they have quickly become one of my favorite makeup and skincare brands! Their products remind me of looks that are geared more towards natural beauty, and their social media presence backs that theory up.

Best of all, all of their products and suppliers are CRUELTY-FREE!

So without further ado, here are my five favorite products that I HIGHLY recommend!


1. Balm dotcom

THIS. Is it just me, or does chap stick make things even worse? This little tube of gel is a universal solvent for any dry area of skin you have. It even says you can use it on your cuticles! Personally, I love to use it on my elbows. And it smells amazing! I currently have it in coconut, but they also have birthday cake, mint, and a few other scents! It doesn't really have a taste, so when you put it on your lips, don't expect to be overwhelmed. It is extremely moisturizing and it lasts longer than your typical chap stick. Now that it's getting colder and dryer out, I carry this everywhere.

2. Lidstar

Lidstar is essentially a liquid eye shadow! It's the perfect product to carry when you want a little touch up on your eyes. This product just cuts down on having to lug around a brush and makeup wipes. It goes on super smooth and sticks around all day, so you don't have to worry about constantly reapplying. It's available in several colors (cub is my favorite!). It also gives your eyes a gorgeous glow!

3. Lash Slick Mascara

I've been debating getting eyelash extensions for years, but with this mascara, I don't have to! I personally have a little rule to myself where I don't let myself buy mascara over $10, but I made an exception when Glossier released this product over the summer. I get so many compliments when I wear it because it makes my lashes look SO LONG AND LUXURIOUS. And the best part is: it looks so natural! I've never had it clump on my lashes. If I wake up too late to do my entire makeup routine before class, I just use lash slick and it's perfect!

4. Milky Jelly Cleanser

Like I said in my Holiday Wishlist blog post, I'm actually currently out of milky jelly cleanser. But let me tell you guys; it's a life changer. I've been using the same stuff to clean and moisturize my face since middle school without a problem, but decided to broaden my horizons when I visited Glossier for the first time. I honestly didn't expect such an amazing product to come from a company I had never heard of before! In case you missed the last time I talked about it, Glossier's milky jelly cleanser is the winner of numerous awards, including Cosmopolitan's Beauty Awards and Allure's Best of Beauty. It's made from the same stuff your contact solution is made of, so if you get it in your eyes (like I seem to always do), you'll be okay! Not to mention you can find it in two sizes for your travel needs!

5. Cloud Paint

Cloud paint is one of the newer (to me) Glossier products I've tried, but it's become one of my favorites! I love a good contour just like everyone else, but doing it everyday? Not a fan. Cloud paint is a gooey blush that spreads so easily and evenly across your skin, and it doesn't feel heavy or oily. I like to go with a mixture of haze and puff for my skin color currently. You might be thinking "Mixture?! How much of that do you cake on?!" Barely any! It only takes a very small amount to bring out the bursts of color onto your face!


Glossier products, although semi-new to me, have found their way deep into my heart! And they make an amazing Christmas gift! You can check out the deals they have on certain sets here!

When you order from Glossier, they send you your products in a cute pink bubble wrap bag! It's actually pretty durable, and is a cute and free way to help pack toiletries when you travel, or to keep things together in your purse. I keep all of mine because I know I'll have some use for them!

Talk to yinz soon!

xoxo, Madison

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