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Winter Skincare: Bombash and Early

West Virginia winters can be BRUTAL to my skin. My already sensitive skin faces the cold wind and becomes painfully dry in almost an instant. This is why that around this time of year, I pay extra attention to my skincare routine!

I've mentioned before that because my skin is so sensitive, I don't have the bravery to put just anything onto my face. But I stumbled across a skincare company on Instagram and instantly knew I had to try it!

Bombash and Early is a botanical skincare line with natural ingredients, and is 100% cruelty-free and vegan (which yinz KNOW I love!). I recently became an ambassador for their company, and even though I've only received one package from them so far, I'm already in love with them!

I've been posting about them on my Instagram for the past week, but I haven't gone too in depth with their products. So that's what I will be doing in this post!

Let's go!


Acne Spot Treatment with Willow Bark

I don't break out very often, but occasionally I will wake up with a spot on my face. And, like most girls, it drives me CRAZY. I've never really tried to spot treat my face before (I normally just go for the entire face), because it normally makes things worse for me! But not with this! Do you remember those lip glosses we all used to have that had the tiny ball on the tip? This product is shaped just like that! After rigorously shaking the tube, apply it to any spot on your face that needs a little extra love.

This product contains sunflower oil, frankincense, tea tree oil, and willow bark, which is the stuff you see floating in the tube! It smells mild (thanks to the frankincense) and isn't sticky or oily on your face!

For those of you who are wondering what sunflower oil does to your skin: it helps premature aging and keeping your face free from fine lines. Willow bark helps shed dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells!

Tea tree oil has been in the media for beauty gurus for a few years now, but if you're still unsure about what it does, let me explain! It's main use is to help rid spots on your face, including episodes of dryness and infections. No matter what the reason is behind that red spot on your cheek, this handy, portable product is a must!

Mint Tea Chapstick

I think chapstick is hit or miss, truly. Sometimes I find myself applying it without needing it, and then my lips suddenly become dry. I keep applying, and things only go downhill. Maybe I've been using the wrong chapstick?

I carry Bombast's mint tea chapstick in my coat pocket so I always have it, and I have noticed it is making my chapped lips a lot more moisturized!

This chapstick is made from your typical ingredients, such as beeswax and aloe vera, but it also contains sunflower oil, soybean oil, coco butter, shea butter, and vitamin E!

Mango Enzyme Mask

In addition to being wary of literally every beauty product on the face of the planet, I'm also very wary about trying masks. If anything, I'm more worried about new masks, because they cover my entire face and not just a tiny portion.

The mango enzyme mask contains mango enzymes (obviously), kaolin clay, sunflower oil, and witch hazel.

Kaolin clay is an ingredient that I trust with handling my face, because it's known for being gentle on sensitive skin! It tightens skin, clears pores, and you can even use it to whiten teeth (though I don't recommend using this mask to brush with!).

I'm sure you have all heard of witch hazel, but you may be unsure about its purpose. Witch hazel acts as an astringent to reduce pore size!

This mask works wonders! I usually smooth it over my face after I shower and remove my makeup. I let it dry for about ten minutes, and then I wash it off and apply a moisturizer. It makes my skin feel extremely light, soft, clean, and leaves it sparkling!

Shea La Vie Grapefruit and Lemon Body Butter

Okay. So. I LOVE THIS. 100/100 for sure!

I try to make myself put on some form of lotion or shea butter every time I step out of the shower, but a lot of times, I let myself conveniently "forget."

I tried this for the first time the day after I opened my Bombash package, and was immediately in love with the smell. It wasn't too strong, and subtly reminded me of a light and fluffy cupcake (even though I have never had a grapefruit and lemon cupcake). Now, I've used it everyday after my shower and can definitely see that my skin is never dry! And that's saying something in the winter!

It's also not heavy on my skin! Have you ever put on the tiniest amount of body butter and it immediately just turned into a sticky, oily mess? And then it sits on your skin forever before finally it does its job? This stuff starts working right away, and within minutes my skin is moisturized, without the sticky sensation.

The best part about this product is that it only has three ingredients: natural shea butter, and two different essential oil scents. This can put even the wariest minds at rest, knowing that there are no unnecessary ingredients in this!

This is by far my favorite product from my package, but the others very closely follow!


I'll be getting a new package from Bombash every month, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out their story highlight on my profile! I'll be using that to show unboxings of the products!

If you're interested in any of the products above, or found something different on their site that you're in love with, you can use my discount code MADS10 to receive 10% off of your order!

Thank you so much for reading!

xoxo, Madison

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