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Trend Alert: Mom Jeans

The nineties. A wild time for anyone who lived through it (okay, I realize I was only alive for two years of it, but work with me here), full of fashion trends that are slowly making their way to today's styles. Scrunchies, grunge, you name it, we've gone through it again. But perhaps one of the most fashionable pieces to make a reappearance is the mom jean.

Described as a more straight-fit jean with a high waist and a very specific wash, the mom jean can be paired with your rattiest tee for that full-on nineties look, or with a sweater to give it vibes from the twenty-first century. Either way, the jeans (I'm hoping) are here to stay.

My favorite pair is from American Eagle (and although I would love a hard pair of Levi's, these will have to make do). I've always been an avid American Eagle jeans buyer, so I decided to give them a shot. And I already had multiple pairs of Converse lying around from my middle-school-I'm-so-emo-except-I'm-not phase, so score!

Dress these jeans up, dress them down. They look amazing either way! I paired mine with this cute sweater from Rue 21 and some shoes from Target!

To dress it down for the ~ultimate 90s look~ I like to pair these jeans with a band t-shirt! Any t-shirt will do, but bonus points if it's classified as rock/hard rock/rock 'n roll (you get the idea).

I tied mine up for a messier look!

On those colder days, I like to throw on a crewneck. The heather gray color is my absolute favorite, and I've started to cut the elastic bottoms off for a more worn look!

Let me know how you style your mom jeans! Is this trend here to stay?

xoxo, Madison

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