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September Lookbook

We've officially made it, ladies and gents! The last monthly lookbook is here!

I realize that September in Morgantown and Pittsburgh is still a relatively summer-y month, but the past few days have harbored some cooler weather in the mornings, and it has geared me for fall. I've already started decorating my apartment with orange leaves and dollar-section pumpkins!

Still, the army green/olive green trend has reigned supreme in the autumn months, and like last year, I am in love. I found an olive green jacket at Target a few weeks ago and have been DYING to wear it, and wanted to showcase it today, but it's still a bit too warm out for it. I think it would be an adorable addition to sport to a pumpkin patch!

Lucky for me, I have a nearly-identical colored cardigan from Express that is super soft!

I typically don't shop that much at Express. The closest one to me is at a Tanger Outlet, and they've been carrying the same stuff for over four years. Seriously, I remember buying clothes there for my senior week in HIGH SCHOOL and the shirts are still fully in stock and hanging from the racks!

But when I found this cardigan, I fell in love! It is super soft, with an airy material, and is just big enough to have the oversized look, but not too big to have it overpower you.

My boots are from Target; another great piece for fall.



xoxo, Madison

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