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November Lookbook

We are officially two days away from Thanksgiving, so it's the perfect time to release some Thanksgiving/holiday looks!

When I think of November, I think of warm and neutral tones, and soft fabrics. The vibe is a little more professional than normal. I love mixing basic pieces with a pattern that pops this time of year, and that's what I went for when I was creating this month's lookbook!

Hopefully this gives you an outfit idea or two for turkey day!


Outfit #1

This dress is EVERYTHING. My mom got it from American Eagle and didn't want it anymore, so I scored big time when she gave it to me! It is so incredibly soft and comfortable and absolutely PERFECT for November! But what I love most about it is how many different ways you can style it! I didn't style it like this for the lookbook, but I've paired it with almost every scarf from my collection!

First I paired it with a cute red flannel (which you'll also see again in Outfit #3!) around my waist to add texture and color to the dress!

The next way I chose to style this dress was to add layers with it, i.e. leggings! I tied a knot in the dress and pulled it up a little bit to make it a little more fun and casual! I also think a pair of boot socks would go great to separate the leggings from the boots (I didn't have any that went high enough though).

This dress is absolutely perfect for Thanksgiving day! The material is super comfortable to get you through dinner!

My boots are from Target (similar pair linked; these ones aren't available online), because, like I mentioned in my last blog post, I love Target shoes! It's so hard for me to find boots that don't look fake and don't hurt your wallet, so when I found these I snatched them up! A fall staple is a cute pair of brown or gray riding boots, because it goes well with everything from jeans to leggings, and even to jean skirts and dresses!

My hair is curled in every outfit in this lookbook, and I use two different curling wands to do the trick. Each one is a different barrel size, but I tend to use the smaller one more because my hair refuses to stay curled. So when I make my hair have tight spring curls, they eventually fall into beautiful waves or looser curls.


Outfit #2

This outfit is geared towards a cozy night in! This white sweater is so soft and warm, which I need since I'm always cold! I got this from Charlotte Russe and got it in a large, which is two sizes bigger than I normally wear. But I wanted this to fit looser and be bigger! The only problem is that now the sleeves are way to long, and I have to fold them or bunch them up! So if you're looking for a bigger fit, definitely only go one size bigger than what you are. My favorite thing about this sweater though is the detail on the back! Some pieces of clothing are so overwhelming with the details, so I think this is a breath of fresh air. And again, since I went overboard on the sizing, this hole can ride low at times, so be careful when you buy! You can tie the strings as loose or as tight as you'd like! (p.s. this sweater is no longer in stock, so I linked one similar!)

My leggings are just plain black and from Old Navy! I love Old Navy leggings because I've noticed in the past few years that leggings have gone down a tremendous amount in quality. I range between a small and medium in leggings, and I wear them only a handful of times before I realize they have holes in them. Aside from workout leggings, these are one of the most incredibly sturdy brands I've found, and for the most part, they're pretty cheap! Old Navy also has leggings with cute criss-cross designs on them (I have a few pairs of those too!) and they come in a ton of different colors!

My socks are cabin socks from American Eagle, and they're tall enough that I can wear them with my rain boots (which I did today!). They're also thick enough to keep me warm, because like I've mentioned before, a pair of rubber rain boots don't provide much heat. If you remember from my last lookbook, my rain boots are black, and with my black leggings, the maroon cabin socks add a pop of color to the outfit! If you really want to be fancy, a scarf would also look cute. Just be careful not to cover up the ribbon in the back!

I'm extremely proud of my makeup today! I used a palette from Smashbox and toyed with some fall colors, like orange, gold, and brown. I'm a girl who loves her neutrals and pinks, but I really loved how this look turned out. The palette is this lookbook's feature, so you'll find out more about it at the end of this post!


Outfit #3

I'm sure you've seen this look everywhere: red and black plaid. It seems that everyone has found one of these shirts in their shopping carts, and I have followed the trend. This one in particular is from Old Navy, and it tends to run a little small, so definitely order a size up than what you normally are. Pair it with a black pair of leggings and you're good to go!

For shoes, I've decided to go with something to keep me warm (you can literally see a few snowflakes/freezing rain in this picture if you look at my shirt) instead of a pair of black pumps (but that is an adorable look, so if you're going somewhere a little fancy, a black pair of booties with a bit of a heel is a great look!). My mother bought me these boots last winter, and man do they work like a charm! They're from the brand Duck, which she said was what she wore when she was my age (so they've been around!). I love the plaid on the boots, because I feel that it ties the entire outfit together! I also went with another pair of cabin socks from American Eagle and pulled them up and over the top of the boot! (also, I kind of feel like a lumberjack LOLOLOL)

This ring is one that I wear everyday! It was my grandmother's! My starbucks order (for those of you who care) is an iced chai latte with seven pumps of chai, and light ice (shoutout to my big!).


themadisongreer LOOKBOOK FEATURE

Like I mentioned earlier, I tend to do my makeup using a lot of neautral colors and the occasional pink and gold. But I love Smashbox, so I decided to give the other colors in the palette a shot. Smashbox's eyeshadow always goes on so easily for me, and doesn't fall off of my eyes and onto the rest of my face. And it's realtively cheap when you compare it to other brands, like Urban Decay (no hate to them, I'm just really poor). Also, Smashbox is cruelty free! (however, Estee Lauder, their parent company, is not)

I used all of the colors on the right side of the palette in this lookbook, which are moccasin (the gold), torch (the orange), throwback (the burnt orange), and dark horse (the brown). These shades are coming from the Ablaze Eye Palette. I think these colors are perfect for fall, and they look so good altogether!


I hope you guys enjoyed looking through this month's latest in fashion! As always, feel free to tell me what you liked and what you didn't, and if you have any outfits you based off of this, please get in touch! I'd love to see them!

I hope yinz have a great Thanksgiving! Keep an eye out for yet another holiday themed post coming soon (hint: it'll be up on Saturday)!

xoxo, Madison

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