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New year, new me! An outfit idea for your next job interview

Now that extracurriculars are finally slowing down a bit for me, I've been putting a lot of effort into internship applications. I have a few that I'm DYING to get, and as I patiently (cough cough, impatiently/nervously) await for responses, I have been coming up with a few interview outfits ideas in my head!

For job interviews, I have a few basic pieces that I pull together for everything, but as I'm getting older and things are getting more serious, I recently went on a shopping spree just for journalism clothes.

Since it's still winter, I definitely do not want to brave the cold without a pair of pants, so dresses and skirts are out for this round. Pants like these ones are what people are talking about, so I really wanted to incorporate the style into my interview outfit.

I am a huge believer in dressing to impress, and dressing to reflect your personality. When I sit myself down and think about it, I like to narrow it down to trendy outfits that still remain professional and comfortable, all at once!

I paired this outfit with a cardigan, so if it's a little warmer I can shed it and still look fabulous!

xoxo, Madison

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