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March Lookbook

March is here! Spring has sprung and the world is a sunshiny-er place!

My mood is always immediately lifted when March rolls around, because no longer will the days be shortened and gloomy. March is filled with casual looks, but be sure to rock some layers because although it's gotten warmer, it can still be chilly at times!

I also love the look of lighter jeans as the warmer months approach! For some reason, I think they are more fitting now than ever, and Old Navy had a huge sale last weekend on all of their jeans, so I was able to snag a pair that you'll see in the pictures below!

The weather was so nice that on Thursday, Matt and I headed for the zoo! I had brought along a cardigan in case it the wind started blowing, but by the time noon rolled around, it was actually beginning to get a little unbearably hot (according to him, but I was all for it!). This was the perfect occasion to bust out some sandals! We had such a fantastic day that I even filmed some of it, and plan on making another video within the next few weeks, so keep a look out!

Let's see what the latest in affordable, college fashion is for this month!



I decided to switch up the layout of the lookbook because I AM INDECISIVE, but I think I've finally found one that I really like! I've cut down on the talking and threw the pictures together in kind of a collage format, and I really think it looks ten times better.

The other day, I was talking about these to one of my friends, and although I love doing them, I'm thinking about switching it up after I hit September (which will mean after a full year of lookbooks!) and doing an in-depth lookbook for certain outfits! That's still a few months away though, so you're stuck with this until then! ;)

Get excited for a super awesome blog post next Sunday!

xoxo, Madison

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