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Kennywood's Newest Coaster: The Steel Curtain

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Ah, yes, Steeler Country has finally opened to the public! Yesterday, I was given a media pass to attend among the first rides of the roller coaster, and to say I am impressed is an understatement!

I went into Kennywood yesterday morning with the hopes that the Steel Curtain would be fantastic, but that it would not beat the Phantom's Revenge as my favorite ride at Kennywood. I am a little sad (only not really) to say that it has surpassed it by an enormous amount.

This ride is a BEAST. I walked into the park and into the special VIP section, which was a gated off area surrounding Steeler's Country (where the Log Jammer used to be), and my jaw dropped at the size of this thing. It is MASSIVE.

For myself, the wait to the top of the first hill was unbearable; I kept thinking, "It's still going up?! Are we still not there?!"

The view of the river, however, is a sight for sore eyes. I was able to enjoy it from my position on my back (that hill was steep!).

The Steel Curtain breaks three records: the tallest in Pennsylvania, the most inversions in North America, and the highest inversion in the world (occurring at 197 feet). That's pretty impressive for a Kennywood ride!

The day started, for some, at 5:30 a.m. A contest was held to determine which members of the general public would be on the first ride, and then it was opened to the media and other exclusive VIP members. At around 9:45, a special ceremony sent off members of the Steelers, including Cam Heyward (Sidenote: I totally got to stand in line near his wife and his children, who were super cute), up the incline.

(Another sidenote: I totally felt like a big shot with my press pass.)

Today, the ride opens for the public, and officials from Kennywood are expecting a massive turn out. If you're headed out today, brace yourself for a crowd and a long line! But the experience is incredibly worth it!

If you're waiting out the crowds, you can watch this video I made from yesterday in the meantime!

xoxo, Madison


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