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June Lookbook

Ahhh, June. If I'm arguing, I'd say that June is *hands down* the best month of the entire year. My birthday is coming up (yay 21!), the weather is prime for lounging in the sun, the pool is open, and the rain has officially left (hopefully, but my fellow Pittsburghers know that we just faced a monsoon this past week).

Shorts and skirts become a regular day-to-day staple, and floral prints are back, baby! A t-shirt is a permanent resident of your closet; one in all the colors of the rainbow. Your skin becomes darker if you're out in the sun, and for me, that immediately means that I look ten times better in just about everything (not to brag!).

Pastels also become quite big in the fashion realm, and a bright yellow, oversized t-shirt is a must for lounging on the beach after dinner.

But for me, nothing can beat the feeling of summer just beginning.



Notice how that last outfit is all about West Virginia. ;)

xoxo, Madison

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