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January Lookbook

January is in full swing, and I'm here for yet another monthly lookbook!

For me, and other folks in West Virginia, January often is a whirlwind of temperatures. Earlier this week, we had a sunny, 60 degree day! 24 hours later, we were hit with a full frontal blizzard. This pattern will continue until about April, with a random 80 degree day in February (optimal for the student body of WVU to skip class and party on frat row), and then we will finally ease into semi-normal weather!

This means that January is a strange time for my wardrobe, so be cautious that some of these outfits may not scream January where you're from, but they definitely scream it here.

I've mentioned in a previous post that winter is all about black, and this lookbook does nothing but give that statement justice. Whether you're layering up or keeping it simple, black compliments the winter aesthetic.

I tried my hardest to make these styles a lot more interesting than just black on black though, so yinz are in for a treat!


Note: This lookbook looks a little different! Just click on an image to be taken to its website :)


Outfit #1

In this outfit, I layered a cardigan over a simple tee, rolled up my high-waisted jeans, slipped on my new favorite black booties, and tied back my hair! I think this is the perfect mix between put-together and casual!

SO THESE BLACK BOOTIES. I got them for Christmas! They're from Aldo, which is one of my favorite shoe/accessory store. A few years ago (my senior year of high school, to be exact), I got a pair of gray riding boots from Aldo and fell in love hard. So hard that I wore them constantly, to the point where just one year later, they were beginning to fall apart. And they were a great quality pair of boots! Just not meant to wear day in and day out in every type of weather imaginable. Sad. After putting them into retirement, I searched every Aldo possible for a similar pair, but to no avail. I had started to lose hope, and I started to bypass Aldo in the mall. Until this Christmas, I thought, why not? And went inside. AND THANK GOODNESS I DID. These babies were waiting for me! They're super soft suede and the detail on the side make it perfect for casual and professional wear. Plus they are super comfortable!

Outfit #2

Black booties again!

I got this shirt from the KKollection at Gypsy Rayne Boutique, which is a boutique in Pittsburgh! The KKollection is actually the line of one of my favorite (and local!) bloggers, Kelclight! Definitely check her out on Instagram! ;) This shirt is a waffle material, with a soft tee material towards the end of the shirt (both on the torso and the arms). It's a v neck, and it has thumb holes!

I'm wearing a medium here, because it's best to go by how your arms fit! It can be a little tight!

In my last blog post, I talked about my winter wardrobe consisting of all black, so obviously I had to accessorize with a black Kate Spade bag!

Outfit #3

This is what I like to call the "basic tee" look, because we all have one! I personally love this color, and the fabric is super soft and stretchy! I paired it with my fall boots, because why not?

I feel that with basic tees, we can tend to let ourselves go. And that can be boring. So I paired it with a statement necklace to add texture to the look! Feel free to also bring statement earrings into the mix, and curl your hair wildly (like mine!). Anything that dresses up a basic tee!

themadisongreer LOOKBOOK FEATURE

THIS JACKET YOU GUYS. I scored BIG TIME when I found this baby in Loft! I am a HUGE fan of leather jackets (always have, always will). This jacket has the look of a leather jacket, but the aesthetic of something new and exciting! First of all, it's gray (which is different from the typical black), and second, it's not leather! It's a super soft material that kind of reminds me of suede. AND I got it for $70 (which was $50 less than the asking price!). It's super warm and compliments almost every outfit I own!


Congrats! You've made it to the end!

I tried doing something a little bit different with this lookbook (as in, not writing as much but giving more pictures), and I think I like it better this way! But obviously, feedback is much appreciated! So if you like the old way better, please let me know!

But that's all for now! Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo, Madison


***some of the products in this post are from affiliate links. Keep in mind that if you make a purchase from here, I may receive a small commission :)

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