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I'm putting snail secretion on my face

I swear, it's not as gross as it sounds.

Okay, maybe a little.

You read that right. I am literally putting snail goo on my face! No one is paying me to do this; no one dared me! But why would I ever do such a thing?

As some of you know, I write for a magazine here at WVU (Mirage Magazine, of which I am the vice president and social media director of the club that runs it, Ed2010!). Mirage covers everything from college fashion, health, beauty, to other beats like local businesses!

One of the articles I was writing featured a skincare store here in Morgantown, whose entire supply comes from South Korea! Walking into their shop this week to interview the owner, I was immediately taken away by the rows upon rows of shelves that were filled to the brim with products I had never even heard of before.

You'll have to wait for this semester's issue of Mirage to come out to read the full article (December 5th!), but I really cannot stop talking about this snail secretion stuff! And I wanted to share it with everyone!

For anyone who knows me personally, you may or may not know that my face is extremely sensitive. I've never really had a problem with acne, but it's difficult to change my skincare routine in the slightest, because the next morning will find my face red and puffy.

When I made my way into the store, which is beautifully named Poppy and Daisy, I told them of my struggles, and they said that my problem wasn't too rare! A lot of American skincare products contain factory-made ingredients that mess with your skin's natural pH levels, and it's not a surprise that I'm probably allergic to some of them.

They told me that snail mucin (snail secretion) is one of the top four known ingredients found in Korean skincare that is hypoallergenic (you're probably familiar with honey and aloe, which also make that list!), and then loaded me up with free samples.

What exactly does snail mucin do to your face? It promises to tighten and soften your skin, and perhaps help with scar tissue, too! It also helps with acne prevention and hyper pigmentation! Snail mucin is packed full of glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid, which scientists rave about in the skincare community.

What's even better is that animal testing is banned in South Korea, so these little guys aren't being harmed in the making of these certain products! And yinz KNOW how badly I want to go vegan and save the animals! You can learn more about the process of collecting snail mucin at the bottom of the page!

Anyway! That night in the bathroom, I tried reading the labels of the product. Most of it was written in Korean, but the little English it had said the stuff was 96% pure snail secretion. I was a little freaked out, but the employees at Poppy and Daisy seemed to really know their stuff, so I tore it open.

I completely braced myself at first for some kind of smell. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I imagined it would be fishy, or maybe like a dirty river. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found that it was practically scentless.

I started with my normal routine, which is removing my makeup with wipes from Target (lol), washing my face with my favorite face wash, and skipping the moisturizer and masks. Instead, I rubbed the snail mucin into my face, let it dry while watching South Park, and went to bed.

Like I said, I've never really had any struggles with my skin, other than it being extremely sensitive, so I didn't notice any drastic changes that happened over night, but my skin does seem to be tighter and softer already!

It's still a little early in the process to tell if my skin is noticeably different, but I plan to update yinz in a few weeks! Who knows, maybe I'll buy a whole case of it!

xoxo, Madison


Here's some really informative articles about how snail mucin is collected: https://theklog.co/beauty-products-with-snail-mucin/ AND https://theoutline.com/post/4503/snail-mucin-farms-extraction-skin-care-heliciculture-ethics?zd=1&zi=5xrjwnhs

Want to try it for yourself? Buy your snail mucin here! https://express.google.com/u/0/product/5778756872731172892_15879310417546116500_8175035?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=tu_cu&utm_content=eid-lsjeuxoeqt&gtim=CJbPz8P1tbC5xwEQ_pPO3JKxuZxfGMDVhwkiA1VTRCiQkuDdBTC7-_ID&utm_campaign=8175035&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIm-ik9rLo3QIVzVqGCh20GwuIEAQYAiABEgJoFfD_BwE

What else does Poppy and Daisy offer? Look no further! https://www.pdkskincare.com

Interested in what else I've written for Mirage? Check out our last two issues here! https://issuu.com/mirage_magazine/docs/mirage_2018spring_final

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