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I'm officially official!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (which you should!), you probably know that this week, I started my internship at the Pittsburgh Magazine right here in my favorite city! I've been working nonstop while I'm there, and I've already written and published two articles on their website (and my name is on them and everything!). So today I wanted to share with yinz what I've been up to!

(See the name?! It's the third from the top!)

Within the days (ahem, weeks) leading up to my internship's start date, I grew more nervous with each passing hour. This internship had been the one that I wanted more than any other, and I really wanted to start off on a good note. I was so anxious the night before that I barely slept, and I started getting ready three hours before I even had to be there! I left way earlier than I had to, and remained tense for the entire drive. But when I finally stepped inside, everyone was extremely nice, and I realized I didn't need to worry so much!

I'm in the office for three days each week, for five hours! On Tuesday, I started my day with a quick little tour of the office space, which is in a little business park near the North Shore! The walls are all painted different colors, like a lime green, a bright orange, and a dark purple, and one of them is covered with a gallery of puppy-themed magazine covers in an Andy Warhol-style! I met the editor-in-chief, and my supervisor/weddings editor!

As I just mentioned, I work under the weddings editor, so this week has kept me busy looking through the submissions the magazine gets for the wedding issue. This is by far my favorite part so far, because I get to read and see all of these super cool and fun weddings and get ideas for my own (looking at you, Matt!).

I didn't get to look at them too long on my first day, though, because my editor had already asked for me to write her a story that would be due at the end of the day, and I still had to interview the bride of a wedding, complete with a petting zoo of exotic animals! If you'd like to read the article, you can find it here!

By the end of the day, I was finally able to send her my finished product, and a few minutes later, she came over to my desk. I was super nervous to see her, because I was so afraid that my writing wouldn't compare to her standards, but she said that she was impressed! I felt so relieved!

Each Wednesday, there will be a new weddings blog post on their website, so be sure to keep coming back to read! Eventually, another intern will be helping me come up with posts and writing them, so it'll be nice to have the work spread out a bit.

I came back the next day expecting to be working on another post, but my supervisor had another idea. There was this new cicada-tracking app that came out on the app store, and I needed to find out what was up (meanwhile, I'm writing this post and prepping for the inevitable wave).

Without a lead, I managed to track down the creator of the app and schedule a phone interview with him that morning! He gave me access to his media kit, which was filled with pictures of those darned-bugs, and the hardest part was choosing the best picture. The quality was astounding on each one, but they just creep me out! You can read that article here!

On Thursday, I went through every single wedding submission we had and came up with a few blog post ideas, and then emailed the brides. Here's to hoping they get back to me!

In the meantime, I'll be coming up with some more ideas for future use, and getting back to living my dream!

By the way, the articles I write are normally featured in the Pittsburgh Magazine's daily newsletter, the 412! If your inbox isn't overflowing already (or even if it is), you should definitely sign up! You can click here to get them!

xoxo, Madison

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