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How to make the BEST grilled cheese

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

My mom and my dad are both huge cheese fanatics, but I vaguely remember walking into the kitchen one night when I was really young, handing my mom back the slice of American I was eating, and stating, "Mom, I don't like cheese anymore."

Maybe it's all in my head, but since then, I have not been able to will myself to eat a slice, cube, or stick of cheese fresh from the fridge. However, when it's sprinkled on top of pasta, lathered on some pizza, or melted over nachos, I'm all for it. Pile it on!

I'm still new to the whole cooking thing despite being twenty years old, but one thing that I can knock out of the park is a grilled cheese. With the weather beginning to get colder and colder, grilled cheese served with hot soup is becoming a staple food in my apartment, and I wanted to share with yinz my fire recipe!

I'm warning you now, it's not insanely special! I don't add anything extra (except maybe a few extra slices of cheddar on mine), but I'm able to prepare a restaurant style grilled cheese with ease (hey, that rhymed!). You know how when you make a grilled cheese, your bread can become soggy? I'm here to help with that!

First thing's first, you have to gather your supplies and ingredients! Bread, butter, cheese (I prefer cheddar, and lots of it), a pan, a spatula, etc. etc. etc...

Also, you'll want to find a lid that you can put over the pan!

Start by putting the stove on a medium heat, and letting it heat up for a second before taking your knife and swiping it through the butter container. I use a pretty decent amount; probably enough to fill a tablespoon with (I like to eyeball things a lot, sorry in advance).

Put your butter in the pan and let it melt, moving the pan so that it's coated in a thin layer of melted butter, before putting down the first slice of bread! Then add your cheese! I like to make mine extra gooey, so I put two slices down.

Leaving your sandwich open, cover the pan! This allows for the cheese to really melt on the top! And by putting the butter in the pan first rather than on your slice of bread, your sandwich won't be soggy.

Keep an eye on your first half of the sandwich! The cheese should melt pretty quickly, but keep it covered until your bread is the perfect color. Once it looks good, take it off of the heat and put it on a plate! Then repeat the process again for the other side of the sandwich, by putting butter in the pan first. Put your bread down, another slice of cheese if you're daring, cover the top, and most importantly, reduce the heat! You'll see why!

Once your cheese is starting to get gooey, take your first half of your sandwich, open the lid, and smack it on top of the half still cooking! Since you lowered the heat prior to this, it will take the bottom half longer to brown, but the inside will get even gooey-er and help hold the sandwich together.

Once the bottom has finally gotten to your desired color, pull that sucker off of the stove and onto a plate! You're ready to go!

Please enjoy these pictures of the finished product :)

We'll be back to some more fashion and beauty-related posts this weekend!

xoxo, Madison

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