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Fall Apartment Tour

Now that the weather is cooling down (kind of?) and October is finally here, I've deemed it crucial to start decorating my apartment and turning it into a fall wonderland!

I planned on making this post all about fall, but I then realized that I had never even shown yinz the actual finished product of my apartment before it was hit by a wind gust of orange leaves and decorative pumpkins. So why not combine the two?


Welcome to my living room! I've got a killer view from the fourth floor (which is a major upgrade from my last apartment's first floor view of a brick wall) where I can see the Mon (the river, for those who aren't aware), the local high school, and a decent portion of downtown! My apartment came furnished with the necessities, but a single couch was not going to be enough. I bought this inexpensive chair from Ikea ($50!) and spruced it up a bit with a pillow from Five Below and a super soft blanket! Speaking of blankets, I bought that wire basket from Target last year, but I'm pretty sure it's still in stores.

I love to utilize the window as a space where I can put extra decorations, like the Disney-themed/Farmhouse sign. I got that from an artist festival over the summer and I knew I had to have it! (In case you couldn't tell, the theme of my apartment is farmhouse meets modernism.)

On the opposite wall above the couch, I've made a farmhouse gallery wall... complete with empty frames and a very West Virginia sign from the At Home store. And obviously, I have some pretty famous quotes hanging.

My TV stand is something my mom and I made ourselves from a few wooden crates and a can of white paint! I have a collection of Disney movies (because that's all we watch in this household. Also, don't worry, this is not the full collection!) and the traditional cable box, but I also have a few more farmhouse elements. The jars that spell out home are also made by my mother, and the tin bucket is a gift from Matt's mother. I put a bit of greenery inside it to spruce it up (and to hide remotes). The white threaded basket that holds our games is from the Target dollar section (and it comes in multiple sizes). And because it's fall, I have some leaves hanging! You can't see it here, but I strung it together with some red battery-powered string lights. We turn them on at night to give the room a very October feel!

Right next to the TV stand is probably one of my favorite things in the entire apartment: This birdcage! It seems silly, but I think it is so cute. Another gift from my mom, but I strung some more battery-powered string lights through it and turn it on at night. The pumpkins around it is another find from the Target dollar section.

Moving into the kitchen, I have this little basket that came from that same artist festival hiding my aroma therapy diffuser, and some fall foliage and pumpkins. I'll change these out to different flowers and weeds as the seasons change!

And lastly in the kitchen: A succulent named Caesar (part two), a pumpkin jar, and the best candle ever imagined (I'll give you one guess as to where it came from).

So if you're ever in the Morgantown area, be sure to stop by and say hello! We'll welcome you with open arms and the phrase...

xoxo, Madison

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