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December Lookbook

Like I mentioned in a previous blog post, December/winter means SWEATER WEATHER. So this lookbook is all about warm and heavy fabrics that you can wear while running errands, relaxing at home, or to a holiday party.

Winter and I do not get along. We did when I was younger a little bit, but unlike Elsa, the cold bothers me a ton. This definitely isn't my cup of tea, but who can resist the colorful and fun sweaters that keep you warm? Not even me.

Here's a question for yinz: what do scarves and sweaters have in common? Both are what you would consider to be winter apparel, but sometimes... they don't fit the job description. Sweaters can be thin, or cropped (why are they cropped?!). Scarves can serve with fashion over function in mind. So I am giving you the official themadisongreer guarantee that these pieces will keep you warm and fashionable all December long!

Let's get to it!


Outfit #1

Let's start with a simple one! This sweater is made out of the ever-so popular "waffle material" that we love so much. I even buy my boyfriend waffle sweaters (he gets annoyed, but I know deep down he's grateful to have something warm).

This sweater in particular is from Old Navy, and although you can't tell in this picture because I'm sitting down, it is pretty long. It goes to about mid-thigh in the back and slightly above that in the front, and has a slip up the sides to about your waist so it's not restricting. I got a size small, so your normal size should be perfect if you're looking for a similar fit. I wouldn't recommend going any smaller than what you normally are, however, because it fits perfectly everywhere else. It's a looser fit as you go further down, making it perfect for casual events. You can get this sweater in multiple colors, and if you're not digging the stripes, they have solid ones, too. I'm wearing this with a simple pair of dark wash American Eagle skinny jeans and my booties, which I've talked about before. But I also love to pair this with higher boots!

I also love that although this sweater seems pretty miminalistic, that only makes it easier to dress up and down! By adding tons of silver jewelry, you can wear this out to dinner no problem. I also think it would be adorable to wear with a denim skirt!

Old Navy is one of my favorite places to shop for absolutely everything (if you couldn't already tell). I got this sweater during their Black Friday sale, but even without the discounts, their sweaters are never bad for your wallet (unless you buy a bunch...).

It's a lighter fabric, but it's still seriously warm!


Outfit #2

This next outfit features my new favorite Loft sweater. Again, I opted for a small because of the longer fit, but going up a size won't make too much of a difference. This sweater is offered in a few basic colors, but I went with this cream-colored shade of white. This ultimately goes with everything.

The material is soft and not too heavy, making it a similar sweater to the one above. Personally, I think this sweater is perfect for this time of year. Not only does it look good by itself, but every scarf I own goes with it! If you know me, you know how many scarves I have, and how often I wear them.

You've seen this scarf before in my October Lookbook, but here it is again! The strings on the ends of the scarf add texture to the outfit.

The same goes with this light pink scarf from Francesca's. I absolutely love this scarf because it gets the job done. It is so thick and warm! And it's massive. You can finangle it so that it looks like an infinity scarf, or you can wear it normally around your neck and just let it hang.

If you're going for a more neutral look, I love this scarf from H&M I got a few years ago. It's another thick blanket scarf, with a little detail on the ends (I know it looks small in the picture, but it was extremely windy, so a lot of the fabric is blowing out behind me!). But what I love about this scarf the most is the fact that it's reversable. On one side, the scarf is white with a black pattern, and the other side is black with a white pattern! You can match whichever side to whatever you feel will go with your outfit best. Personally, with this white sweater, I like the black side with the white pattern better!

Bottoms wise, I paired these scarves and this sweater with blue skinny jeans from American Eagle, and my Target boots from last month's lookbook!


Outfit #3

Because not everyone celebrates Christmas, I wanted to include a New Years Eve sweater! For some reason, when I think New Years, I think darker colors, like blacks, grays, and other neutrals. I got this sweater at American Eagle (it's no longer in stock, but I've found it online in this purple and in other colors in numerous places. Here it is on Poshmark!) and it's super soft and stretchy, meaning you'll feel comfortable after eating all the holiday meals!

Since this is a super simple sweater, yet it owns a specific pattern, big and bold statement jewelry would work the best! I'm pretty minimalistic with necklaces, but for this I would make an exception!

There's also a few inches of a cut going up the sides of the sweater, which I love, because that makes the bottom of the sweater flow nicer, and not constrict you. Although it's super lightweight, it's definitely the warmest of the bunch!

Also, please do not judge the Captain Jack Sparrow ornament. He's my favorite!

I'm pairing this sweater with a pair of skinny jeans from American Eagle!

I've used my bigger barrel curling wand for my hair today, which you can get here!


themadisongreer LOOKBOOK FEATURE

Take outfit #1, for example. Yeah, it'll keep you warm like I promised, but I wouldn't advise going into the snowy, outside world without a jacket. I'm going to admit something to yinz... in high school, it wasn't "cool" to wear a heavy winter coat. I know, I know, that sounds crazy! But I went along with it, and even heading to college, I stuck to my faithful North Face jacket, and the occasional heavy coat if there was a blizzard. But nontheless, I would honestly consider this my favorite winter coat.

I think part of the reason it was "uncool" to wear a heavy jacket was because they could be so big. Let's all take a moment to flashback to Randy from A Christmas Story: "I can't put my arms down!" And I have to agree. It can SUCK, especially when you're a natural summer who hates jackets in all forms.

This Columbia jacket is BY FAR the best "big, puffy" jacket I have ever owned. It's the perfect size to keep me warm and safe from the elements, but also small enough so that I don't struggle to move through crowds.

This jacket in particular has inner-sleeves that are form fitting (think of a sweat proof shirt you would work out in) and that adds an extra layer of warmth.

Also, check out the inside. I feel like Freddie Mercury!

(P.S. have you seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet?! I cried like three times. LOVE QUEEN)

If you haven't caught on yet, the longer winter coats are definitely in right now, and I love it! This coat, like most longer coats, has two zippers on the bottom, so even if you're zipped up, you can zip up the other zipper so you can sit down and remain warm!

I understand that Columbia jackets can be pricey, so it's best to catch them while they're having a sale! I got mine during Black Friday!


Let me know what yinz think! I always work super hard on these lookbooks and they're always super fun to do! I have some really great ideas for future ones!

Not too many fancy outfits this month, but keep an eye out for a blog post coming within the next two weeks! I've got beauty in forms of fashion AND travel coming your way!

xoxo, Madison

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