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2019 has officially come to an end, and the past few weeks have gone by in a whirlwind. 2019 was definitely a year where I learned so much about journalism, myself, and the world around me; and in the celebration of the new year, I'm writing a sappy blog post!

During this past semester in school, I juggled my last first day of school, being an anchor of an Emmy award-winning broadcast, grew a social media following for a division at WVU that I had no idea about (science and plants? uhhh), produced my fifth magazine, edited online content for Her Campus, watched my writing expand for Pittsburgh Magazine, and so much more. And I am extremely grateful for it all!

As I begin to hunt for my first real job, I still find myself at a standstill as to what I want to do. I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again: I am the most wishy-washy person when it comes to my future. I know I want to do something relating to journalism, but as for what division... no clue. I loved writing for magazines, I flourish when it comes to web design and creating social and digital content, and I loved reporting for broadcast, but now I wonder what I should be doing next.

Obviously, I plan on freelancing, no matter what job I take. It's an additional source of income, along with an additional sense of credibility. I want to write for as many publications as possible, and I want to create a brand for myself that shows the world, "Hey! I'm here!"

Recently, a lot of my high school friends started posting this tag on Facebook. You answered a bunch of questions about your senior year of high school (for me, this was 2016), and I kid you not, every single person answered 'yes' to the following question: If you could, would you go back?

Excuse me, what?! I've grown so much since that time, why on earth would I want to go back?!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with my best friends from high school over Thanksgiving break, and I asked them if I had changed since then. I knew the answer was going to be yes, because who stays the same person they were at 16? But my best friend said that I was easier to talk to and that I'm not just the girl in the musicals anymore (this made me laugh! She's probably reading this now, too, so, hello JJS! Love you!). But she was completely right, and I love that I've become a better person. A more kind person that doesn't have her life as together as she thought she would when she was 16, but hey, that's okay!

I have a little bit of a five-year-plan in the works, even if the career is a little fuzzy. It's a new decade, and a new start as of May.

I really don't know what the purpose behind this blog post was, other than a little 'Note to Self' for the future. But in reality, that is what this blog initially was for. Hopefully, some employers will see that I'm not just a journalist, and maybe some of my friends or family do read these posts and smile.

But here's the concrete plan for this blog: I am only going to be posting once a month.


I want my content on here to have some substance and meaning behind it. I want to put a lot of hard work and effort into the next year of posts because I want to showcase my writing style, my lifestyle, and my education (I spent so much money for this bachelor's degree, I'm going to show it off, dang it!). If something big is going on, I'll post more. But expect the next twelve or so posts to be lengthy, full of research, and maybe some interviews. Let's see what we can do in 2020!

xoxo, Madison


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