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A change in pace

I've kept a secret from many of you.

It was by no means intentional, it was just a very fragile process. I'm not superstitious, but there have been times where I have gone out of my way to really protect something in the works. (Maybe I'm... a little 'stitious... get it?)

For example, when I was applying to intern with Pittsburgh Magazine the summer before my senior year, I didn't tell a soul. I applied on my own and didn't ask for any advice on my resume or cover letter (but don't worry, I read over that sucker 1,000 times), and to this day I believe that played a part in me securing the position a few weeks later.

Now, maybe that sounds crazy. But to some extent, I believe there is magic to that theory. Keep to yourself, work hard, and good things are bound to come your way, right?

You may be wondering where I am headed with this.

As many of you know by now, I moved to Virginia just a few short weeks after graduating from West Virginia University to start my first job at a TV news station. I was ecstatic and ready to conquer the world.

But a few months passed, and I realized the glamour was not what I had anticipated. It was amazing to be able to work in the news industry — it was what I had prepared for for the past four years. But add in the election, the pandemic, and the crowd of family members chanting "fake news!" on Facebook, and it took a toll. Not to mention, I was constantly working or being anxious about what I was missing when I wasn't at work.

I'd come home for my lunch break just to hop online and send a push notification because Biden was speaking. I'd get calls to help clip videos for our website late at night. It was difficult to enjoy my Sunday without worrying about how much I was missing, and how much coverage needed to be added to our website the next day.

At the beginning of 2021, I started applying for jobs again. I applied everywhere, but focused on Pittsburgh. I missed the city, I missed my friends, and I freaking missed Primanti Bros.

It took a while to gain some traction on LinkedIn, but I eventually stumbled upon a staff writer position at a nonprofit called the Oncology Nursing Society, which put out a monthly magazine for its oncology nurse members.

And I think you know where this is going. My first day was just three days after my last at the news station.

Needless to say, Matt, Belle, and I have moved back to Pittsburgh as of late May, and the amount of pride I feel in this new work is unmatched. It has been such a dream to work for a magazine, and I'm so happy it's where I'm ending up.

So I kept this secret for so long now, but I'm so happy to finally share it with all yinz. Do you realize how HARD it was?!

With all of this, though, comes a great life lesson. Superstitious or not, the fact that I kept this to myself was a factor in landing a role in the industry my dreams, right?

With that being said, be on the lookout for BOOK CLUB PART 3 coming out soon! My bookshelf is really starting to overflow... Matt said I cannot buy any more books until I finish my current stack.

Talk soon!

xoxo, Madison

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