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7 Things I'm Thankful For

On November 1st, I put up my Christmas tree in my apartment. A week and a half later, I bought another one — a bigger one — and decorated it with reckless abandonment. I made Alexa play Christmas music ("Last Christmas" by Wham! on repeat), I bought holiday candles, but there was one thing I was forgetting.


No matter your opinion on the holiday, it is a time where most families get together and make lists of the things they are thankful for. So in good ol' fashioned copycat style, I will do the very same.


1. Gunner


2. My WVU News Crew

They still like me despite having used all of their hairspray. :)

3. Disney

Especially Disney+.

4. An iced chai latte with light ice

And my big for introducing us. (This is actually a chai-quila latte. I am equally thankful for tequila.)

5. New York City trips

Specifically... the beauty closet at Allure.

6. Cardigans

(Cardigans are currently my favorite outfit staple.)

7. Adventures


Clearly, this blog post was meant to be a ~little~ sarcastic, but I do have my fair share of things to be thankful for! I have some amazing friends and family, the most helpful and supportive boyfriend, some exciting internship experiences, and overall, I'm happy and healthy, and it can't get any better than that!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some Black Friday shopping to do. ;)

xoxo, Madison

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