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5 steps to giving your hair more volume

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

With New Year's Eve finally here, I constantly see bloggers showing off their favorite looks for parties. But one thing I've noticed is that not many of them tell you how to do their favorite hairstyles! Either way, it's hard for me to style my hair certain ways because 1.) I have a double crown which LITERALLY SUCKS, and 2.) my hair has gotten a lot thinner over the past few years.

I started dying my hair blonde right before I graduated high school, and I quickly realized, "woah, what was I thinking being born with naturally brown hair?!" and I fell down the rabbit hole. For some reason, I didn't like having my roots blended with my natural hair color, so I was constantly going back to the salon to get any trace of brown off of my head. And as you can imagine, the extreme thickness of my hair fell off the face of the earth.

I'm back to brown now to give my hair a little break, and during this time I realized how lackluster my hair looked when I just let it do its own thing. It air dried to be as straight as a pin, and clung to the top of my head. And while Kim Kardashian can pull it off, I certainly can not.

Here's what I do to get my hair to look thicker and more voluminous!


1. Shower as usual!

Obviously you have to get your hair wet! I wash my hair about every other day with literally just about any shampoo they sell at Target (I'm a college student, remember? But one day I really would like to invest in salon products for my hair!), but I typically look for shampoos and conditioners that are made for girls with thinner hair or dyed hair. This will literally be right on the front of the bottles, but you'll get extra brownie points if you check their labels and search for biotin. This is one of the most well-known thickness formulas!

2. Towel Dry for a few minutes

Or leave it in a wrapped towel on your head! I love to just sit on my bed and scroll through my phone as soon as I get out of the shower, so that option is just better for me! However, don't let your hair towel dry completely! You still want your hair to be wet, just not sopping.

My mom introduced this to me a few years ago and it's still one of my favorite products to use on my hair today! This serum helps to make your hair shiny and resist static, but it also helps detangle! I squirt a little bit into my fingers and run them through the ends of my hair. Avoid running them through your scalp, because it can make your scalp look greasy! Treat it like conditioner, and then I like to use a wide-toothed comb to get the tangles out. Sometimes if my hair is really tangled, I'll use a wet brush after the comb!

4. Mousse!

I like to use Tresemme's thermal creations mousse because it has a built-in heat protectant! Apply it like any other mousse, focusing on your scalp.

5. Blow Dry using a round thermal brush

I never really even thought about using a thermal brush, but I guess I should have, because literally every hair salon dries your hair with the help of one! I actually got this one for Christmas and decided to use it on a whim, and it made SUCH a huge difference in the end result of my hair! I also like to pull my hair away from my head in chunks while it's still pretty wet to get it to dry higher above my head. But seriously, if you take anything away from this post, IT'S THIS! Thermal brushes for the win!

If you're lazy like me and hate blow drying, have no fear! I never completely blow dry my hair, and actually walk away with it slightly damp in some sections still. I've found that as long as I get my scalp dry, the rest of my hair follows in suite. But all hair is different! Find what works best for you!

I love the way that my hair looks when it's curled, but unfortunately, my hair is stubborn. My mom likes to tease me about the time I was in my aunt's wedding when I was five or six. The hair stylist spent HOURS on my hair to get it to curl, but when she finally finished one side and moved onto the other, my "curled" side was straight yet again.

A few years ago, I finally found something that worked! The Conair YouCurl is still my favorite curling wand to use to this day, and I set the heat right around the middle of the range (about 330 degrees Fahrenheit). When I've curled it all, I run my fingers through it and mess around with it until it looks how I want it to! I find that when I use this curling wand, my curls last all day, and come evening, it looks like the perfect curls/beach waves. And these curls will last for days!

I have another curling wand with a bigger barrel that I've talked about before, but the curls don't last me as long. But it creates perfect waves for me by the end of the day!

When it comes to straightening, I just don't. My hair is already straight enough as is!


I hope that at least one of these tips helps you! When it comes to styling your hair, I've found that your routine may not work for someone else. It really comes down to trial and error and listening to your own hair!

I look forward to seeing everyone's rocking New Year's Eve party hairstyles!

See yinz in 2019!

xoxo, Madison


Disclaimer: This post uses some affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase through them, I may receive a small commission :)

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